Should Your Workplace Have A Coffee Maker?

It’s no secret that coffee is a hot commodity in the workplace. Coffee drinkers are everywhere, and we all know how much it can help with your mood for the day. But what if you could make your coffee at work?

Coffee makers have been popping up more and more in workplaces all over the world. They’ve become so popular that many people don’t even drink coffee anywhere but at home or work! Coffee makers are becoming a common fixture of offices because they’re not just about making caffeine-infused drinks anymore. Coffee makers can save businesses money, increase productivity, and provide an opportunity to express creativity.

Caffeine is a mood-lifter, mental clarity booster, and performance enhancer. Caffeine has recently been identified as an antioxidant for the brain which blocks receptors responsible for drowsiness thus making it more appealing in comparison to other beverages like sodas or alcohol that have no significant impact on improving your cognitive abilities. Its popularity among morning coffee drinkers can be attributed to its ability to provide energy while blocking Adenosines–a compound found naturally in our brains – that causes us to feel sleepy during early hours.

A recent study found that caffeine consumption before performing pain-inducing computer work can lessen the development of pain, as compared to those who did not consume caffeine. Here are 3 more perks that office coffee machines bring to your workplace.

A lot of work done will be done

The energy boost from caffeine provides more productivity and will ensure a better work ethic. The perk would also mean that employees could stay alert for longer periods of time which means they are able to produce higher quality output with fewer breaks throughout the day.

person writing on brown wooden table near white ceramic mug

Can improve bonding between employees

The modern water cooler is the office coffee machine. It makes a perfect place to take breaks and catch up on each other’s work while you sip your beverage of choice, whether it be tea or hot chocolate. During these break times, employees can share personal stories with their friends at work which helps them relax during periods when they are under extreme pressure in the workplace.

During this time spent chatting about experiences both professional and not just with those working together on one project but even between total strangers who may have never met before yet still end up becoming fast friends over a coffee hour—coffee machines provide an opportunity for people from all walks of life to meet new people.

Office coffee machines would lower the rate of burnout

If your employees are feeling burned out, consider getting a coffee machine. Coffee is known to boost energy levels and moods for many people who drink it on a daily basis. By showing appreciation through something as simple yet meaningful as a coffee maker you would be improving the quality of life in your workplace instantly!

Bottom line

When it comes to productivity, offices need to be comfortable for employees. A coffee machine in the office can boost morale and energy levels- so no one needs a mid-day crash! Offer your caffeine fans an easier access point with this simple gift of kindness that will show them how much they are appreciated at work.

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