Let’s Get Wet: Fun Water Sports and Activities You Should Try

Do you want to try something different this summer? Maybe you’re looking for a pastime that will keep you cool while still being fun and exciting. If so, consider doing one of these water sports or activities! We’ve got everything from kayaking to surfing, so no matter what your skill level is, there’s bound to be something for you!

1) Swimming

Swimming water sports are some of the most well-known water activities that anyone can do! Almost everyone knows how to swim, so you don’t need any previous water activity experience. Swimming is a great water sport since it helps your body burn calories and strengthens muscles in your legs and arms. You can also try swimming with water wings, water toys, or water noodles!

three men smiling while swimming during daytime

2) Snorkeling

Who doesn’t love water sports? Snorkeling is a fun water activity that anyone can do! Your only requirements are to be able to swim and hold your breath for short periods of time. You will enjoy everything from the views underwater, seeing fish swimming around you or trying to touch them (don’t worry, you won’t hurt them). Snorkeling is a water activity that can be done all over the world.

3) Water Skiing

Water skiing is a water activity that your friends and family will love. All you need to water ski are some water skis, wakeskate, or kneeboards which can all be rented at the lake for an affordable price! You just have to go out on a boat with someone who has experience water skiing, so they can take you water skiing. The water skis will be attached to the boat with a rope which you can hold on to while water skiing or knee boarding. Water skis and wakeskate are very similar, but water skis allow you to go water skiing in deeper waters, whereas wakeskates are more for beginner water skiers who want to get used to standing up on water skis.

4) Wakeboarding

It’s similar to water skiing, but you are standing on a board with handles and the boat drags you around. Wakeboards come in different styles, sizes, weights, and shapes, so make sure to ask your instructor what type of wake board they recommend for beginners or more advanced water sports enthusiasts. Wakeboarding can be done in lakes and water parks with a wakeboard-specific water park.

man in red shorts riding red kayak on water during daytime

5) Kayaking

Kayaks can be used for water activities like kayak fishing, whitewater rapids or just leisurely paddling around with friends. You don’t need any experience to use a kayak, since you will have an instructor teach you everything about how to properly handle the kayak and safety tips! A lot of water parks are adding water tracks for kayaking, so you don’t have to worry about where to go.

6) Sailboats

Sailboat water activities are some of the most fun water sports you can try! All you need is a boat with sails and someone who knows how to use it. You will enjoy everything from the views, sitting back on your boat’s deck, or even laying out in a sun chair while sailing around.

7) Scuba Diving

A scuba dive is one of the most exhilarating things to do underwater with friends or family members. You don’t have to be an expert diver, since you will be guided by a professional who will teach you everything about how to use all the gear that goes along with it. The best part is when at 20 meters underwater, and you see the water clearer than ever, it is like nothing else.

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8) Surfing

Surfing water sports are all about getting up on a surfboard and riding the waves. All you need to do is swim out past where the water is deep enough, catch some momentum from a wave or two behind your board, and stand up on it! If surfing water activities sounds like something fun for you, then look into finding an ocean water beach that has water sports for surfing.

man in white t-shirt and blue shorts surfing on sea waves during daytime

9) Water Park Activities

Water parks offer water activities like water slides, water parks for kids, and wave pools. Water slides are a great water activity to try if you have never been on one before! They can be short or long ones, so make sure to ask your instructor what type of water slide they recommend for beginners or more advanced water sports enthusiasts.

10) Fishing

Fishing water activities are a great water activity to try with your friends or family. You will be able to fish in calm waters, lakes, ponds, and even oceans depending on the type of fishing you want to do. Fishing water sports can also get you to exercise from all the paddling around in boats! It’s fun to catch some fish and eat it for dinner later that night.


There are water sports activities to suit all skill levels and water activity enthusiasts! But no matter what water activity you choose, make sure to practice safety first by always wearing your life jacket. Make note of the water conditions for any water sports that require specific weather or ocean waters, so you know if it’s right for you to participate in them. And most importantly, have fun and enjoy water sports!